Monday, September 22, 2014

College update

This is an update for all of the people I wish I could sit and catch up with but distance, time, and life have gotten in the way. I moved to college almost 2 months ago and it has been an interesting experience to say the least. The first few days I lived here I was surrounded by uncertainty and I still am! I just have a better idea of what trusting in God means now. I'm a person that loves structure and God just laughs at me because at least from my point of view I don't know what in the world I'll be doing in a few years. I'm in the same position as every student but a degree isn't my main goal here. I look across this campus and I simply want the people I see to know the love of Christ. The first few days I was here I turned to Acts 17 and studied how Paul proclaimed the gospel to a city full of idols. One of the first things I noticed was that he reasoned with the Jews & God-fearing Gentiles (verse 17). As much as we sometimes want to, we can't give up our efforts to impact other Christians. I was once one of those fake Christians but let me tell you, my parents never stopped praying for me. Don't lose touch with how important the mission within the church is as well as the outward focus. Only when they're paired together do we see revival take place. The second thing that I noticed in Acts 17:17 was that Paul went day by day to anyone that happened to be around him. Don't miss this part- he went DAY BY DAY. He continually went back with a purpose. The events in that chapter have motivated and encouraged me so much. As easy as it is to stop fighting against the status quo and join in with the powerless, lukewarm Christianity we often see, we have to remind ourselves what we're living for. Some days when I'm struggling I remember back to the beginning of this year when I simply prayed for God to show me who He was. I remember telling God I'll go anywhere you lead, I'll do anything you ask, I just want to know you. I want to experience your presence. I remember where my walk was when I prayed that. I've seen how far God has taken me and how close he is to me now. I've seen how he built me then in ways that are essential for me now. When people ask me about boldness I have to be honest and say that what gave me boldness was when I got on my knees and asked. I continue to ask God for boldness and-- good news-- he has an endless supply but have you asked for it?

Brief life update/ things to pray for -
I have a bible study on Monday nights going through Romans. I'm loving that study!
God has given me an opportunity to get to know an international student named Azizah.
I've narrowed my church search to 2 churches now.
Wisdom in reaching a group of atheists here on campus