Friday, July 25, 2014

25 things

Yesterday was my birthday so I spent time reflecting on life. To keep it from being too lengthy I just wrote out some things I've learned this year.

1. Passion without compassion is meaningless. For me, compassion is the highest quality anyone can have. You care so deeply that you HAVE to do something. I can't tell you how much I admire that.
2. Only with God can you be scared out of your mind & still succeed. He really meant it when he said he doesn't forsake us.
3. Expect times of uncertainty. 
4. Encourage everyone. Encourage everyone. Encourage everyone. Be one of those rare people that makes everyone feel like they belong & are loved.
5. My desire for God comes from God. I have to ask him for it.
6. Loneliness is one of the devil's best attacks. Take heart, friend. He hasn't left you.
7. Having times of silence brings about the clearest voice from God. Go in your room, sit on the floor, and listen. 
8. God does not owe me anything.
9. Everyone is searching. 
10. Never underestimate how encouraging a simple phone call can be.
11. Don't underestimate your need for deep times of prayer. 
12. Sometimes community can become a crutch. Get alone with God. 
13. The world satisfies nothing but the devil will tell you it has everything you need.
14. I have no power to change hearts. Only God can do that.
15. When I stop putting in effort, I stop feeling close to God.
16. I've learned to thank God for the saddest times I've experienced because I learned what the comfort of God feels like in ways I can never explain. 
17. Doubting God devastates your relationship with Him. 
18. Being willing to stand alone is completely necessary if you ever want follow God with everything you are. I promise you this isn't something you have to consciously strive for. If you only care about what God thinks then you will be that person without trying. Don't be afraid to be that person. Lead.
19. Listen. Stop speaking & listen to what people are really trying to tell you. 
20. The greatest things I've experienced with God this year came from directly obeying his word. 
21. Love is not something you speak, it's something you show. 
22. Times of not desiring God is something every Christian goes through but no one talks about. You're not alone. I said it for you.
23. Accept people for who they are. I never realized how much it means to people when you simply allow them to be as they are in front of you. 
24. God's love surpasses every boundary that we have set up between us & other people. Love God? Show it. 
25. The things you think about have extremely strong grips on you. Be careful. Don't fall.

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