Sunday, July 13, 2014

What do you have time for?

I got an email from a lady requesting more posts so here's an update. Thank you. 

A question that has been on my mind lately due to some things going on has been -- what do I have time for? It's not so much of what can I squeeze in but more like what do I MAKE time for? Take a minute break from reading this, close your computer, and ask yourself this question. How do you spend your time?

Did you think about how you've spent your time just within this last week? Time is always the first thing people throw at me for an excuse when it comes to doing anything. I don't let it bother me because ultimately you have a set number of years on this earth and I get it if you don't feel the urgency in that fact. You can spend those few years how you want to or you can use all of your short time here to radically change the world around you. I mean radical, insane, indescribable change. For those of you who pursue that legacy with everything you have- don't ever stop. Not even when the people around you give up and you're the only one left. Hold onto what The Lord has compelled you to do and finish it. 
Now I'm left with the question I've always wanted to ask to those who say they don't have time. What do you have time for? We "manage" and "schedule" our time like it's ours or something. Have we forgotten that every breath, every heartbeat, every blink of our eyes was given to us so that we could expand the kingdom? We've been given time. We've been given life. What for? To spread this all-consuming love that rescued us from eternal death and redeemed us to a personal relationship with the very God we disgraced. Doesn't that make you want to DO something? Don't you feel a responsibility to share that with everyone? How can you know that and claim to believe that and then say you don't have time to share it?
A friend once told me to make my "No list" bigger than my "Yes list". I thought ok cool...what does that mean? Your schedule could be filled with all of these awesome small groups and bible studies every night of the week but what time is left to reach the lost? I was talking to a barista one time and she said there were bible studies all the time at the coffee shop she worked in. She told me how she would walk past and listen in sometimes but NO ONE EVER TOLD HER ABOUT JESUS!! Do you see how the "coffee shop bible study" mentality has completely SHATTERED our witness so many times? Make your no list bigger than your yes list. Sometimes you might have to turn down that Christian fellowship to actually DO what they sit around and TALK about. I want you to ask yourself this question and I've asked myself this too-- Am I a friend of sinners? 
Just compare how you spent last week. Are we making time to be around the lost in order to make an impact on them? Jesus himself was a friend of sinners. He went to those places and sat down with them. Are we doing the same thing? How are we spending our time? 
Think of all the excuses you've ever made in your life..if you're like me it's a lot. Ok now think about reading that list off to God. Somehow my excuses just lost all of their importance. So to those of you reading this, I've made excuses and I'm no better but we have to change our hearts. We have to see people as either lost or saved and see everyone as worthy of hearing the gospel. The gospel is for everyone to hear. Jesus is for everyone to know. My excuses are for me to confess and repent.

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