Monday, October 27, 2014

Jesus is better

I just wanted to drop in and tell you that the love of Christ is bigger than anything you might be dealing with right now. You already know this but make your heart believe it. There's a song I listened to when I first came to college called "Jesus is better" and my favorite part says, "More than all comfort Jesus is better. Make my heart believe. Than any riches Jesus is better. Make my heart believe. My soul's declaring Jesus is BETTER. Make my heart believe." I can't tell you how many times I have to ask God to make my heart believe that he is better. I struggle and I put things in front of Him and I have to beg God each morning to make my heart believe that anything this world can offer is nothing in light of Him. The glory of God is more. He is more. He gives you rest and grace and one day he will come from heaven and bring us to where he is. I want to be where He is. Friend, don't let anything take the place of God in your heart. Don't hold onto selfish ambition or relationships or academic status. Lay every bit of your life in front of the Lord in prayer. Offer it to him and then release it from your worry list. What really changed me was when I started daily confessing my sins and desires to the Lord. I laid my deepest desires at the feet of Christ. Lord, only you can satisfy. Make my heart believe that and satisfy me with your presence. Friend, there's no greater satisfaction than being in the Lord's will. Ask God to make your heart believe this and he will. He is better.

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